Mixed Reality


Virtual reality (VR) replaces the physical world by an interactable virtual environment experienced by sensory stimuli.

Augmented reality (AR) overlays the physical world with computer generated images.

Mixed reality (MR) is a spatial computing technology that blends both the physical and digital world. This makes computer generated images interact with objects and environments in the physical world creating a form of co-existence. Mixed reality is a type of spatial computing; however, not every form of spatial computing is mixed reality.

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Use case. Example: Pokémon

VR: Get transported into a digital world of Pokémon and explore it.
AR: Find computer generated Pokémon that are overlaid on top of the real world.
MR: Chase augmented Pokémon’s that interact and co-exist within the real world.
Mixed Reality Reference cases

By breaking the barrier between the physical and digital spaces we can create solutions and experience that haven’t been possible before.

Mixed Reality Reference cases

Philips hue
Together with Philips Hue our co-founder and managing partner Ward Peeters has created an experience for the Magic Leap one headset that enabled users to interact with smart lights through an augmented interface thus blending two worlds. The digital interface reacts to the user’s hand gestures causing bulbs to change color or be turned off or on: an obvious use of mixed reality.

SARA Surgical Augmented Reality Assistance
In close collaboration with Imec Leuven and UZ hospital Brussels, our team researches the possibilities of spatial computing for surgical planning and guidance. By visualizing high quality renderings of medical imaging and pre-surgery planning information onto the patient, surgeons can easily access vital information during surgery. This mixed reality solution enhances computer-assisted surgery and reduces the cognitive pressure on surgeons.

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